Cultural Legacies of Old Norse Literature (2022)

A collection of essays I co-edited with Dustin Geeraert. The collection features 8 essays along with an editor’s Introduction, a Foreword by Tom Shippey, and an Afterword by M. J. Toswell. In addition to co-editing the collection, I also authored one of the essays in the collection, which is titled “Once More, with Fiction: Transforming Myth in Gerður Kristný’s Blóðhófnir and The Eddic Poem Skírnismál.” The collection is available for purchase here and is also available online here, pending institutional access.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Old Norse and the Porous Boundaries of Medievalism, Tom Shippey

Introduction, Christopher Crocker and Dustin Geeraert

  1. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Medieval Iceland: Saga Realism and the Sworn Brothers, Ármann Jakobsson
  2. The Malleability of the Past: Íslendingabók as Narrative History, Martina Ceolin
  3. Women’s Work and Material Culture in Medieval Iceland: Gender, Narrative, and Cloth Production, Meghan Korten
  4. Vafþrúðnismál, from Parchment to Print: Stability and Change in the Transmission of Eddic Poetry, Andrew McGillivray
  5. The Odinic Motif: The Wanderer in the Mist, Ryan E. Johnson
  6. What has Darwin to do with Óðinn? Shapeshifting, God, and Nature in the ‘Great Story of the North’, Dustin Geeraert
  7. Madness, Mythology, and Mitteleuropa: Günter Grass’s Transformation of Old Norse Myth in The Tin Drum, Heather O’Donoghue
  8. Once More, with Fiction: Transforming Myth in Gerður Kristný’s Blóðhófnir and The Eddic Poem Skírnismál, Christopher Crocker

Afterword: Ethnographic Medievalisms, M.J. Toswell