Disability in the Medieval Nordic World, a special issue of the Journal Mirator (2021)

A special issue of the journal Mirator, for which I was guest editor, on the topic of Disability in the Medieval Nordic World. Mirator is published by Glossa, the Society for Medieval Studies in Finland, and the special issue was part of the Disability before Disability project. The special issue, which is available Open Access, begins with a brief editor’s Foreword and contains six peer-reviewed articles:

– Sharon Choe, “Hann var blindr: The Function of Disability in the Aftermath of Ragnarǫk

– Meg Morrow, “Disabled Masculinity: Njáll’s beardlessness in the changing religious landscape of Medieval Iceland

– Christine Ekholst, “The Value of a Thumb: Injuries and Disability in Swedish Medieval Law

– Sean Lawing, “Victims of Maiming in Sturlunga saga: Worse off Living than Dead?

– Judith Higman, “Nobody’s fífl: Representations of intellectual disability in Old Norse-Icelandic literature

– Christopher Crocker and Ármann Jakobsson, “The Lion, the Dream, and the Poet: Mental Illnesses in Norway’s Medieval Royal Court