Database of medieval Icelandic saga literary adaptations

This resource gathers modern literary works, including drama, poetry, and prose, adapted from medieval Icelandic saga writing. Its focus is modern literary adaptations or retellings of specific saga narratives rather than works that borrow familiar characters, settings, or motifs to tell wholly original stories. The database is constantly being updated and, at present, contains more than 250 entries from 14 countries in 10 different languages. spanning the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries Future plans include a fully online, filterable, and searchable interface.

Please note that I have not read or closely examined every text listed in the database. Much of the data has been culled from scholarly, articles, books, and book chapters. A bibliography of these and other sources on Old Norse-Icelandic literary medievalism can be found here.

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Note: If you make significant use of this database in your research, please be sure to cite it so that others are able to find and use it.